Maidana Savors His Victory Over Broner

23/10/2013 18:19

There's some great information regarding the projected Nov 9th pay-per view battle between WBA welterweight champ Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO's) and Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KO's). Based on Band TV, Golden-boy Promotions matchmaker Eric Gomez says the combat is near being created. Broner vs Maidana Both men need the attack, and as soon as they work away the monetary aspect of the discussions, they'll be prepared to sign the deals to make the battle official. Gomez believed to RingTV, "It's near. We're conversing with both fighters. They can be both ready to combat each other. It's in discussions today. Both men will willingly combat one another and that's one of the most significant idea. It's only a matter of crushing 
Marcos Maidana can be a hard-hitting warrior who constantly sets on a present. But, Maidana is susceptible. ... he has doubtful defense, is damage on a lot of events, and will get crazy in his own battles. This is exactly what makes him so amusing. Marcos Maidana attempts to destroy you with each punch he tosses. The dearth of shield, the susceptibility to being hurt along with his enormous center make Maidana a delight to observe. This is actually exactly why Golden-boy will probably match both of these young starving tigers against one another, supposing Broner finishes off Malignaggi. Both fighters are with Golden-boy, both will be battling at welterweight, both will be searching to fight around the same day, and it's also a fight the fanatics are going to want to view. But, the primary purpose I notice Golden Child making this match-up is Marcos Maidanas susceptibility : his absence of protection and inclination to go hurt. Like they've completed before, they're going to use as being a stepping stone Maidana. It'll become a great combat to view whilst ascending Broner up within the scores. However, you can't depend out the tough hitting Argentinean knight. 
Broner is expected to be another Mayweather, the villain in kickboxing, the atmosphere to Mayweathers throne. Broner techniques defense is rolled by the shoulder, has excellent reactions and quick fingers. But unlike Mayweather, Broner doesn't hold the brain motion, work, and he's been demonstrated be a whole lot easier hitting than his idol. Broner is more bad oriented than Mayweather, he boasts greater strength and searches for the knock-out, which is created by his 22 knock-outs. 
Maidana isn't a stranger to banging out competitors possibly, scoring 31 Knock-outs in his 33 advantages. Maidana is really a heavy-hitter, he concerns fight each moment, and is a knight. You will find only three spots on his report, and the sole combat he actually seemed negative in was his beat to Devon Alexander. Ever since then Maidana has won his last three battles, all by TKO and KO
Today although the victor of Thurman/Chaves would be the required, it really is probably Thurman will acquire. Maidana versus. Broner is likely to be exciting and that I trust I'm correct on this particular conjecture. 
With both fighters being offensively oriented, possessing huge knock-out power, the monster impulse of sharks, and competent within their particular approach, it is a match-up that may have kickboxing enthusiasts mouths watering. Marcos Maidana compared to. Broner vs Maidana is just a fight that will be difficult to phone. May Broners face hold till Maidanas energy? If might it be sufficient to prevent and damage the susceptible Maidana? his power is carried by Broner with him as much as welterweight Maidana versus. Broner is actually a likely combat for the final of 2013... it has FOTY written all over it and is really a matchup all kickboxing fans should wish for