Broner-Maidana fight for November

19/10/2013 18:06



Based on Band TV, Golden-boy Promotions matchmaker Eric Gomez says the combat is near being produced. Both men need the round, and when they work away the fiscal facet of the discussions, they'll be prepared to sign the agreements to make the combat official. Gomez thought to RingTV, "It's shut. We're speaking with both fighters. They can be both ready to battle each other. It's in discussions at this time. Both men will willingly battle one another and that's one of the most significant idea. It's simply a matter of crushing

Former WBA light welterweight winner Marcos Maidana (34-3, 31 KO's) isn't forecasting a ko win over WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO's) in their own suggested battle for Nov 9th, however he's offering himself a really excellent possibility of attaining that. In minimum, Broner vs Maidana wants to strike Broner a good deal within this combat, and with Maidana's energy, it may not really be great for Broner.

Maidana thought to RingTV "One point is for certain, I'll struck him. I'm sure I have a wonderful opportunity to bump Broner away." That will be a truly catchy combat for Broner, because he doesn't have exactly the same type of strength that Maidana has, and he's perhaps not competent to compensate for his dearth of power I this fat course by tossing plenty of punches. Broner is just a weaker puncher at 147, and he damages his prospects of potential achievement by being incapable or reluctant to toss lots of punches per round.

Maidana's supervisor Sebastian Contursi thought to John Rafael at ESPN "We work an understanding with Al [Haymon] to be able for him to inform Marcos Maidana, which we believe should become a terrific shift towards receiving the finest battles for Marcos, specially Broner." Broner and Fantastic Boy should feel rather positive about his opportunities within this fight, since it's improbable that Broner or Golden Boy might consent to some fight against a man which would be also challenging like Keith Thurman. Battle an active slugger like Maidana can turn out to become a tremendous error for Broner if he doesn't set in an improved efficiency than he did in his own last fight against Paulie Malignaggi.

That has been not striking things. Some Broner vs Maidana fans think he struggled the greatest battle he shined against Malignaggi and can, however, I think most kickboxing fans have been in arrangement that Broner was fortunate to flee with a earn. That battle showed obviously that Broner doesn't own a higher work speed, he doesn't go nicely, along with his power hasn't taken upward in the light-weight division.

Maidana enjoys the matchup with all the 5'7\" Broner and he believes he is able to topple the Mayweather-like Broner out when that battle gets assembled by Golden-boy Promotions. It probably will get created because Golden-boy CEO Rich Schaefer will undoubtedly be ending up in Maidana's supervisor tomorrow to talk about making the battle. Maidana mentioned to ESPN Deportes "Many state that Broner will be the newest Mayweather, now he's the WBA welterweight champ. Then I need to fight him...hopefully they're able to earn the would surely be a difficult fight but I realize I might bump him away."